Anthony Hayden is a brand that helps people who love basketball to express themselves in a clean and fashionable way.

We believe that as a basketball fan you should be able to represent yourself anywhere, anytime. Nowadays, most basketball styles have screaming graphics or look very young. We’re sure some styles are good, but being ballers ourselves, we know you deserve better. You deserve something that’s fashionable enough to wear in your daily life, but at the same time is cool to wear amongst hoopers. So if you love basketball we can help you represent yourself in the style you have always been looking for!

Anthony Hayden is founded by graphic designer and basketball player Shon Price. Shon has experience designing for well-known international sports and fashion brands. Varying from famous exclusive lines to creating global bestsellers for big multinationals. His work is all about experimental styles, art, craft and different lettering techniques. With a fashion mentality, basketball in his heart and sustainability as his drive, it’s his mission to respond to the needs and wants of basketball lovers, by creating minimalistic and powerful designs.

Our company, Anthony Hayden takes care of its corporate social responsibility. Therefore we only use recycled and organic fabrics that are affordable. The graphics are printed with water-based inks that contain no led, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride or carbon. It’s our goal to contribute to a sustainable environment. Love for basketball is forever… and this way it can truly be forever! It’s our dream to inspire this mentality to all basketball lovers around the world!


London Loy